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5 Axis CNC Router More Versatile & Faster Than Other Axis Routers

There is a belief that more intricate cuts can only be created by using the 5 or greater Axis machine However,it is possible to complete nearly any cut with an axis-based router with three axes, including more complicated forms. But, the 5-axis is able to work across all 5 sides of the piece at once and thus increases the versatility as well as the capabilities of the operator, which reduces the time it takes to complete machining. 

For example, when trying to cut a game dice with a 3-axis router, it can only cut only one edge of the game at a time. The operator would then need to rotate the dice in order to cut the other sides before attempting a new setup which may require the need to switch the bit of tool.

By using a five-axis machine, it can cut all five edges of the die in one go and turn the dice just one more time to get the sixth side.You can also explore more about best 5 axis CNC router at .

5 axis cnc router

The addition of 2 axes as well as a greater x-axis for 5-axis,so CNC router allows you to cut down the duration of the project and be capable of handling larger components.However, in the same way having a larger x-axis may lead to lower stability and precision and requires the full focus by the user.

Therefore, on the one hand we have machines capable of making certain complicated shapes more quickly, which may be more efficient for your business.