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All About Hiring Contractors in Washington

Home improvement contractors are people who can do small tasks like re-shaping landscaping, installing cabinets, windows, or flooring.

If your job takes more than a week to complete, if it requires multiple pros, and if you need to apply for a permit(s), then hire a general contractor. You can search online to hire a general contractor in Washington.


It is crucial that you hire honest and trustworthy contractors. We have some tips to help you find them.

1. Recommendations: The National Association of the Remodeling Industry is a good place to start. Even the big hardware stores or the local lumberyard could be a good place to start. They will recommend people who pay their bills on time, which is a sign that they are trustworthy.

2. Screening: Once you have your list, call them to verify that they are available to take on your job. Not all people can handle small jobs, and not all can handle larger ones. Ask for references from past clients. Find out what kind of projects they have at the moment.

3. Meeting: Once you have selected 2-3 contractors, meet face-to-face and look over their paperwork. Meetings will allow you to assess the person you are dealing with. 

4. Investigate: Make sure you thoroughly investigate choices 1 and 2. Refer to clients and subcontractors for references. Check the state's Better Business Bureau and consumer protection agency for any disputes. Also, verify the exact locations where contractors are currently working.

Next, get bids, set payment schedules, and last but not least, put everything in writing.

These guidelines will help you choose contractors that will make you proud.