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All About Hot Stamping Method

Hot stamping methods have been designed to produce complicated-shaped components since the 70s which are now increasingly being used in the automotive industry. You can know more about hot stamping presses online.

Hot Stamping in eight seconds - YouTube

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The forming methods that have been developed require special testing techniques that can be developed for determining the thermomechanical properties of the materials under temperatures of hot stamping, as well as advanced techniques for modeling materials that are being developed to support hot stamping processes.

In this article, the requirements for thermomechanical tests as well as the difficulties for hot stamping are described and discussed. 

New experimental techniques are being developed and implemented to get precise thermomechanical data from uniaxial tensile tests and establish the limits for forming metals under temperatures of hot stamping.

The auto industry faces a massive global challenge to cut down on the amount of fuel consumed and to reduce

the environmental impact of car emissions.

Super high-strength steels, as well as lightweight materials, are extensively used in the manufacture of automobile structural parts to help reduce the vehicle's weight, enhance safety and crashworthiness.

For instance, aluminum alloy is a good lightweight material due to its moderate strength and can provide the benefit of a weight reduction by up to 40 percent over steel for the majority of applications. 

At room temperature ultra, high-strength steel is hard to form an aluminum alloy is a poor ability to form, which results in high spring back and low quality of the surface of the formed parts. 

To address this issue hot forming techniques have been developed and have experienced a huge growth for automotive use.