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All About Self Tanning Products

There are a few products you'll need to use in your self-tanner routine to get the best results. The first is a moisturizer, which will help your tanner work better and be more evenly applied. Next, you'll want to apply a sunless tanner. There are many different types of sunless tanners, so you can find one that fits your skin type and tanning goals. Finally, you'll need to apply sunscreen to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays that tanning produces.

To get a sunless tan, you need to use a self-tanner that contains ingredients that will help you achieve a bronze or darker complexion. There are several products you can use in your self-tanner routine to get the perfect shade.

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First, you'll need a bronzer. Bronzers are designed to give you a deeper tan that will last for up to eight hours. You can use any bronzer, but be sure to apply it evenly and avoid making your skin too dark.

Next, you'll need an agent that will help your self-tanner penetrate the skin. This agent is called an accelerator and it helps the tanner reach deeper into the skin. You can find accelerators in many self-tanners and they are usually listed as the first ingredient on the label.

Finally, you'll want to apply a foundation or Tan Enhancer before applying your self tanner. Foundation or Tan Enhancers help to even out your skin tone and provide an even base for your tan