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All You Should Know About Refrigerated Air Dryers

A compressed air dryer is an essential part of any air compressor. They use a variety of methods to clean and dry compressed air, removing particulate matter, oil and moisture. 

Clean, dry air is the ideal way to power your application and help prevent corrosion and control errors. This means you get a longer life for your equipment and save on maintenance costs. You can also buy the best refrigerated air dryers by clicking on

Compressed Air Dryer

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What is a refrigeration dryer?

This dryer is the most widely used and known for its effectiveness. Cooling dryers can lower air to a dew point of 3°C, removing most of the water with the fewest resources. Refrigeration dryers use liquid refrigerant to cool the water vapor in the liquid and then remove the water that has formed. 

The most common type of air dryer you will see in industrial compressed air systems is the refrigerator dryer. They work by a simple mechanism and use one or more heat exchangers to cool compressed hot air, condense most of the water, and remove the water through a separator with automatic drainage. 

If you are looking for a dryer that is reasonably priced and doesn't work in extreme conditions where you need exceptionally high drying performance, this is often the best and most economical option.

Air dryer is very important for an air compressor. They protect the compressor from moisture and prevent condensation and rust problems.