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CCTV Drain Survey to Check Sewer Lines

Video surveillance allows the plumber to pinpoint where the obstruction is and the best way to remove it. A CCTV survey is very often used to assess the condition of drainage systems and it is always a good idea to check the drains before buying a property.

There may be a lot of trouble hidden underground and when a problem occurs, it can become very expensive later on. For detailed information, go for a drain camera inspection in Doral.

The camera is fed (remotely controlled) through the underground drainage system and the condition of the pipes can be clearly seen in detail on a screen/monitor located above ground near the operator. Data can be saved and viewed later.

Detailed video surveillance usually includes a full inspection of the required piping, a full written report, and detailed computer drawings of the drainage layout, recording any defects along with recommendations with offers for repairs to be made.

Other drainage information included in a CCTV report can also include :

The duty of the drain and direction of flow: Water collection and laboratory analysis: Pollution tracing: Diameters of pipework: Updating and amending drainage drawings: Redundant or additional pipes: Connectivity by dye testing.

Surveillance monitoring can detect any problems that could become more serious. Over the years, the normal wear and tear from use, decay, and damage to tree roots can severely affect the functioning of the drainage system, and the sooner these problems are caught, the sooner they can be eliminated.