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Different Types Of Bunk Beds For Kids

A bunk bed is a type of bed that is stacked one on top of another. The top bunk is accessible by a ladder case and supported by poles attached at the corner. It is surrounded by a rail to prevent the person on the top from falling down.

While Maximising the floor space, it allows two persons to sleep in it without having to share the bed. Other than using in homes bunk beds are used where there is limited floor space such as on ships, hostels, dormitories, prison cells.

Bunk beds may vary in price depending on the size, models, design, and material used. If you are planning to buy a bed, you must check queen bunk bed at

Full Over bunked bed

There are different types of bunk beds available some of these include:

• Simple Bunk Beds – These beds are the most common type of beds having two bunks stacked one under the other. These beds are usually used for kids. 

• Twin Over Full – In this arrangement, a full-sized bed is placed on the bottom and a twin size on the top bunk.

• Futon Bunk – This type of bed is similar to a standard bunk bed; the only thing different is a foldable lower bunk that converts it into a couch. These beds are perfect for small flats or studio apartments.

• L-Shape Bunk – In this type of bed, the bottom bunk is laid at a right angle to the top and it looks more like an L shape. This allows the extra furniture like a desk, chair or other furniture to be placed in the space under the top bunk.