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Easy Ways To Prevent Diabetic Foot And Its Complications

The diabetic foot has been a long-term complication of diabetes mellitus. Foot infections are one of the most frequent issues in people with diabetes. Because of poor circulation in these people, infections and wounds are more challenging to treat.

Another problem is a peripheral vascular disease which can result in gangrene. With chronic uncontrolled glucose levels, there may be consequent damage to the blood vessels and nerves in the feet. For more information about foot wound care, you can click here now .

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Below are some  ways to prevent diabetic foot and its complications.

First, control diabetes by monitoring blood sugar levels. Your doctor may ask for an analysis of A1C levels every three months. Generally, the outcome should be less than seven percent.

Employing a blood glucose monitor to self monitor your glucose levels can help you in making appropriate adjustments to your medications.

Next, examine your feet daily. Check for cuts, sores, calluses, corns, Inflammation, ingrown nails, or other problems. It is also important to check for changes in the shape of your toes and feet. The foot arch can drop or the feet may begin to curl under. Charcot's foot is a type of foot deformity due to neuropathy.

Visit your doctor regularly. Confirm immediately if you notice any changes on your toes or if you have increasing pain or tingling in your toes. Your podiatrist will examine your feet, assess for blood circulation, and check for nerve damage.

And lastly, keep your home and workplace safe. Remove any clutter and keep the floor free from litter to avoid accidents.