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Family Lawyers Help Set Up Child Custody

It is a very hard time when a person gets divorced from his or her partner. When children are involved it becomes an even more emotional procedure. Of course, both parents believe that they are the best parents to raise their kids. Trying to sort child custody and child care can often be the most difficult portion of a divorce.

Child custody decisions are the most common reason for debate during divorce proceedings. Your divorce lawyer, or family attorney, ought to have the ability to help you through this aspect of the divorce. To get the experienced family lawyers in Melbourne, you may select the best law firm. 


It's not difficult to determine which parent should receive custody of minor children. However, in many instances the child crisis is not an issue. It's important that you talk to your family lawyer about which kind of custody you should file.

Physical custody means that the kid remains with you. They can still move in with different parents, but most of the time they remain in your house.

Legal custody comprises his maintenance, schooling, medical requirements, and spiritual belief. In many cases even when the parents have physical custody, legal custody of their child is determined as concerted. This can cause difficulties if the parents did not participate on great terms.

Joint custody occurs when both parents have to devote equal time to their child. This works great when both parents live close to each other. This minimizes the disruption of their child's regular routine. In the event, the parents remain away and the child has to spend 6 months with a single and 6 months with the other, it is interrupted for them.

They ought to make a habit of earning new friends and attending a new school, residing in another town or city. This can be very difficult for the child involved.

Main kinds of custody can be agreed upon or are often awarded by the courts: –

-Sole custody is where a parent will have physical and legal custody of their kid. 

-Joint custody is where both parents abhor legal custody of their child and/or both parents have physical custody of the kid. 

-Split custody in which one parent has full custody of some kids and another has full custody of different children.