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Fan Coil Replacement Things To Consider

Across the country, the percentage growth in construction projects is based on building modernization plans, not new construction. Whether to save money, increase energy use, or implement new health and safety standards, modernization is almost always a must throughout the life of a commercial or residential building and is often the best option over new construction. You can know more about fan coil unit replacement via

An important part of modernizing buildings is bringing HVAC technology to today's energy and comfort standards. 

The builder has three options for reinstalling the hydraulic fan coil assembly: repair, repair, or replacement. In the past, upgrading and repairing equipment was cheaper than replacing it. Building owners and operators struggle to maximize the life of their mechanical systems and defer large upgrade or replacement costs. However, these efforts are often temporary as restorations and repairs provide an additional 5-7 years of life over the average fan coil unit.

In the past, replacing a fan coil unit required an expensive multi-site rebuild project. A new solution has emerged that offers the opportunity to modernize the obsolete vertical fan coil assembly. The solution package provides a replacement chassis designed to fit into existing cabinets, replacing all internal components. This design reduces or eliminates high renovation costs such as carpentry, drywall, cleaning, and occupant exposure.

Consider the following factors when deciding to repair, upgrade or replace the hydraulic chamber fan coil assembly in an upgrade scenario.