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Fast Shipping – Risks and Benefits in Today’s Internet World

During our seven years of trading, we have noticed the changing attitude towards shipping from our customers. When we started trading, we were contacted multiple times to see what we could do to cut delivery times from 14 working days to weekly deliveries, with customers willing to pay over £ 200 each time.  Discover more about fast shipping through

Fast Shipping - Risks and Benefits in Today's Internet World

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To make sure this continues. Recently this has become more than expected because yesterday everyone needed everything and buyers no longer wanted to wait for orders and paid goods.

As more and more companies offer next-day product delivery for a wide variety of products, the furniture industry should try to respond and also offer evening delivery services for oversized mattresses, dining table sets, and king size bed frames, which are not at night. easy to send like an envelope or jeans.

Coupled with pressure on the furniture industry to offer evening delivery services, this requirement jeopardizes the actual delivery of goods.

Some items can be shipped easily overnight without risk of damage. But what about a customer who needs a glass dining table to be delivered the next day when the item is at a significant risk of damage, if not? Work carefully?

Working with a flexible delivery service helps provide evening delivery services but reduces the customer service offered from a temporary delivery approach to a daytime delivery service that may or may not reach the desired customer at the desired time.