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Flatbeds For Trucks In North Carolina

Flatbeds for trucks provide one of the most versatile platforms with regard to hauling and transporting loads of all types. The flatbed can be mounted on any typical truck frame, from small, lightweight pickup truck frames to heavy duty truck frames. In addition, these beds can be fabricated in a square or rectangular configuration, depending on the intended use of the truck. You can also look at this site to hire a flatbed trucking company in North Carolina.

Flatbeds for trucks are not new but they're still evolving

Lumber suppliers that ship to job sites have employed flatbeds for more than a century with continued success. These deliveries were once off-loaded using a steel roller system to manipulate a load to the rear of the bed. However, manufacturers are now producing flatbeds that rise at one end by means of a hydraulic lift.

This system provides more control during the off-loading of pipe, large timbers and pallets of plywood. Of course, the stake gates on rectangular flatbeds are removable for access with a forklift.

Larger, double trailer frames with flatbeds are a familiar sight on interstate highways across the country. Travelers are liable to see any type of load on these flatbeds, from jet engines to huge rolls of fabricating metal, or large pieces of construction equipment and earthmovers. These large flatbeds for trucks have extremely high load capacities that range from ten thousand to fifty thousand pounds and up.