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Get paid for the junk car

For New Yorkers or from remote areas who are wondering "How do I get cash for my car” the following can provide some helpful tips if you have a vehicle that you want to sell. The thing to remember is that online advertising listings have become the top choice for people looking for used cars. So you want to sell, this is the place to be found.

Don't just list one. Post your ad on several accounts for people who tend to have personal preferences about where they do their online shopping.

If you have decided that you want cash for cars in long island and have posted your ad, don't think you can now sit and wait for your phone to ring or your email inbox to be flooded with questions.You need to get your car in condition to be displayed and sold. In short, go to the car wash.

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You need to get your car in condition to be displayed and sold. In short, go to the car wash.Put on a new candle job. Clean the inside. Clean the window. Do all the things you might not have in a minute so your car looks well maintained.

If a buyer comes and the car looks like you've just returned from making a donut in a mud hole, don't expect to make a sale. When you tell the buyer that you want "cash for my car on Long Island", be prepared to put up a fight if you haven't determined the right price for the car.

Your buyer will have a budget and think about it based on the description you provide in your online ad. This is where you should have decided on a pricing strategy to close the transaction. Savvy sellers will leave the negotiating room for themselves so bargain buyers can do it.

Other sellers may choose to set a fixed price if they feel they have completed their homework and produce a reasonable price. Everyone is different so you need to decide which is right for you.