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How Important Is To Plan A Safe Dismissal Time

Stopping students and placing them with the right guardians at the end of the day may seem easy to deal with, but each student retrieval is a one-to-one transaction. If you have 400 students, that's 400 one-to-one transactions – and you have to complete everything correctly every time, and you have to do it in 20-30 minutes every day.

This is how we deal with our problems so dismissal is no longer the most chaotic part of the school day. You can get Electronic Sign In Sign Out, School Carpool System, Attendance Reports to have a safe dismissal system. 

Under the old system, our teacher would only close instructions at the end of the day. My 5th grade teachers complained about losing teaching time because we had to stop so quickly.

School Driveway

But now, with the help of an application called PikMyKid, we don't start moving our children until 3.30 or even slower for official purposes at 3:35. Pre-K and Kindergarten students may start moving a little earlier, but teachers for most grades can actually teach until the last minute.

The reduced time from classroom to pickup also makes it easier for teachers to monitor students, because they only need to supervise 15 students in their class instead of 50 trying to be taken at once.

This shorter stop window also reduces behavioral problems, because if our students will fight, for example, they will be more likely to fight at the end of the day, when they think there is less supervision. But with the new stop process, the aisles are clearer and we have fewer situations.


Student fights are not the only security problem that is being fixed by our new approach to dismissal. Our old system required us to call students' names through the intercom, which can be heard not only for everyone who is waiting for their children, but for everyone in the school block who cares to listen.

But now we don't need to call names via the intercom. A parent or someone they send to pick up their child gives the teacher a number to enter the system, and it appears on the screen. Nobody has access to that screen from outside the building.