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How Text Messaging White Label Reseller Programs Work

Text message marketing continues to grow online as a successful way to help businesses of all sizes make a return off of their advertising efforts. The concept behind text message marketing is beneficial for businesses because it is a way to reach customers one-on-one with promotions, coupons, event information, and more. 

Because this is becoming such a successful way to help businesses make money, many are looking into becoming resellers for text message marketing companies. You can get more information about text messaging via

Becoming a reseller is a great way to make money online while offering customers a business product that is almost guaranteed to be successful because of its fast-growing popularity rate with all kinds of businesses. 

What is text message marketing?

Text message marketing is the use of sending promotions, discounts, event information, and more about a particular business or organization through SMS messages to individual customers using a shortcode. 

Text message marketing is typically billed on a monthly basis and is considered to be one of the cheapest forms of advertising. 

What does being a reseller entail?

To become a reseller is pretty easy, especially considering that you don't have to go through all of the work to develop the product or service because it already exists. Often times the parent company or provider will also have useful tools like video support tutorials as well as website widgets and more to help get you started. 

As a reseller, you must be able to provide technical support, but remember you can always consult with the parent company for help and advice in assisting your customers. Be sure you are able to handle all of the sales as well as be able to manage the control panel along with new features.