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Importance of Knee Braces in the Sports

It is a common sight to see not only amateurs but also professional athletes wearing a knee brace or support. The knee is a complex joint that is often injured both by a sudden force or impact on the joint or by repetitive strains, called overuse injuries.

When running, it is estimated that the forces of around 4 times bodyweight of the individual are passed through the knee at every step, so it is not surprising that so many people choose to wear knee support for sports and exercise. If you are looking for the Knee Braces then you can visit at

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Some braces are not suitable for certain sports.

• hinges Accolades

These have a solid metal or plastic hinge on each side of the knee brace. They offer a high knee to the level of support and are ideal for moderate to severe injuries and sports such as skiing. They are not suitable for sports with a contact element, such as rugby or football, because of the risk of injury to an opponent.

• Stabilized Support

These have a metal or plastic spring stay or integrated into the support side. They are lighter and less bulky than hinged support, although it offers less resistance to twisting and lateral movement. Provided there are no exposed solid parts, these supports can be used for contact sports.