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Know About The Tips For Vaping

Cloud chasing is a growing sport in the vape community. New and old vape enthusiasts will continue to push the boundaries of their cloud production in the hope of winning a vape contest.

Anyone who has ever smoked or vaped before knows how fascinating and exciting it is to see the physics of the mouth control the exhilarating movement of vapor "cloud-chasing".


1. Choose high VG e-juice or low PG e-juice.

To keep things fair, most competitions offer their own E-Juice. If you are allowed to choose, use E-liquids with a high VG solution base but little or no PG. Cloud production will be thicker if there is a higher VG to PG ratio.

In e-juices, many kinds of nicotine salts are available. You can buy twelve monkeys salt nic at

Kanzi 60 ml

2. Construct a good model with high wattage.

Due to the high voltage, copper mechanical builds or mods with very high conductive are the best way to create massive clouds. This allows for higher cloud production. Keep a good battery charged up, as it is likely to run out quickly.

Ask other vape enthusiasts what device they use. Some devices are not designed to be used in the way you need them to produce large clouds. We strongly recommend that you do not modify a vape mod. Instead, we recommend following the manufacturer's recommendations.

It is always a good idea to learn about vaping and how to take care of your batteries. This could help someone who is just starting out with vaping, or hasn't had the opportunity to learn.