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Lithium Ion Cell Phone Batteries – Tips for Maintaining Them

iPhone is offered with a lithium -ion battery, and there are also other mobile phone models which are offered with this type of backup equipment. Here are some useful tips to achieve a better life than the type of battery.

Each regardless of mobile phone battery models that have a certain age, which is determined by the manufacturer in terms of the number of charge cycles before charging capacity reduces. You can also Read More to find out more about the benefits of lithium-ion batteries.

Sony 18650 20A 3000mAh Lithium Ion Battery 3.6V VTC6A

Generally, they are influenced by temperature and therefore when they are exposed to higher temperatures or more than 300c, they get reduced chances of survival are higher. So, it is advisable to keep the device away from severe temperature.

When charging the lithium ion batteries of mobile phones, it is better to remove the casing of the device. This is because when the device is charged with the casing, the device may get heated up higher, which in turn will reduce the lifespan of the battery.

Some people say that it is better to charge the battery of the mobile device after it is fully drained. But, this is true for nickel-cadmium and when it comes to lithium-ion, no need to fully discharge the battery before recharging it.

But this is not true in the case of lithium ion mobile phone battery. Therefore, it is better to fill up frequently; however, it is recommended to not be charged after it is fully charged.