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Medicines For ADHD – The Essential Facts

Studies show that children with ADHD lack adequate neurotransmitters in their brains. This deficiency is attributed to characteristic inattentiveness and lack of focus in ADHD patients. These neurochemicals include dopamine, serotonin, Norepinephrine, narcotics, and butyric acid amino gamma. 

Long-acting stimulants are taken once a day and usually last eight to twelve hours. This is useful for children in school because they do not have to remember to take their pill during the day. There are many long-acting stimulants commonly used today, as described below. You can find the best Vyvanse medicine via the online source.

vyvanse adhd medicine

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Vyvanse is the latest ADHD medicine to be approved. It is similar to Adderall medicine in that its main component, lisdexamfetamine, is a derivative of one of the ingredients in Adderall. 

It is currently available in 30mg, 50mg, and 70mg capsules. Medications for ADHD, as well as all prescription medications, are side effects that should be considered when deciding on ADHD medicine. 

Each drug will list its specific side effects, but in general, side effects of stimulants include loss of appetite, headaches, abdominal pain, trouble sleeping, and nervousness.

In the treatment of ADHD, natural remedies make up for the chemical deficiency, while drugs typically use man-made ingredients that are not found naturally in the body. 

Homeopathic treatment, manufactured in an FDA approved facility, is a safe and highly effective alternative to drug therapy, under the guidance of a qualified professional doctor.