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Pallets – What They Are Made Of?

Pallets, which serve as the basis for the transportation of various types of bulk goods, are made to order according to specified standards. There are some properties that are very important for efficiency, such as: coefficient of friction, durability and size.

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Materials for construction of pallets

Depending on the specifications, many different materials can be used for pallet construction. In the past, some materials were preferred because of their cost advantages, but modern technology has allowed others to distinguish themselves.

Wooden pallets

The most commonly used type of pallets, wooden pallets, are inexpensive and can even be discarded after use. Your costs are included in the operating costs.

Plastic pallet

Plastic pallets have experienced tremendous growth in the industry and are widely used because of their durability, strength and ease of use. In fact, it is the only pallets are used for safe work with hazardous chemicals and other similar plastic pallets, because these pallets are resistant to slightly corrosive effects.

Steel pallets

Steel pallets are not often used because of their price and susceptibility to corrosion. However, they can handle very heavy burdens and therefore find their way to various industries that can use their strength. Aluminum pallets are lighter than steel and have excellent weather resistance. And they are cheaper. Therefore, they are more common than other steel pallets.

Because pallets have different specifications, all types of materials are sought for each branch.