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Productive Tools of Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is a subscription-based service. There are various tools incorporated with Office 365 that makes it a more useful tool for the users. Many people are looking for an advisor that can help them learn about Office 365. You can learn more about this service by taking Office 365 consulting at

To give an overview of Office 365, I would like to highlight the tools integrated with it. Read further to understand productive tools of Office 365:

– Microsoft Flow: You can easily design your tasks in a flowchart basis. The work flow is automatically distributed to assigned people and that’s how your work gets organized easily.

– MyAnalytics: With the help of this you can measure your work or productivity. This help you track how much you spent time on work and different sections of the work. 

– Planner: Microsoft Teams allows you to create a virtual team and then plan the tasks accordingly. Later you can assign the tasks, share files, and communicate. 

– Office 365 Video: With the help of this tool you can easily upload and share video messages with your team for clear communication. 

There are many other features of Office 365 beyond these and you will understand them better when you explore them. Get Office 365 consulting and speed up your work with more flexibility and variations.