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Reasons Why Indoor Plants are Important

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The condition of the environment mainly depends on green or indoor plants. One of the best abilities of indoor plants is inhaling carbon dioxide and exhaling oxygen. Living organisms like humans and animals then inhale oxygen in order to survive. In order to understand more on the importance of indoor plants, here are a few you should be aware of.

  1. Generate Oxygen – Exhaling oxygen and inhaling carbon dioxide is one of the characteristics of indoor plants. Researchers from North Carolina State University proved that indoor plants help in giving away precious oxygen. One of the most interesting facts about indoor plants is that 4 individuals can breathe by the oxygen exhaled by a single plant which is unique.
  2. Offer Food as Source – Green plants are known to play the role of food source for microbes, animals and insects. This helps in maintaining balance to the environment.
  3. Produce its own Food and Energy – Photosynthesis is a process which helps the plant to produce its own food. Moreover, this process is all about light energy getting converted into chemical energy. During this process, oxygen is exhaled by the plant while inhaling carbon dioxide.
  4. Protection is Offered – Green plants are known to offer protection to small plants and animals. In the form of shelter. For instance; bigger plants offer protection to smaller plants from bad weather. Plus, green plants offer protection to birds helping them to build homes on top of a small branch.

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