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Secrets to Buying Silver and Buying Gold

The first question you need to resolve is how big your purchase will be. If your gold and silver holdings are eventually going to be over a million dollars, you might want to consider those big commodity exchange bars. These are the 1000 oz. silver bars and 400 oz. gold bars or 100 oz. gold bullion. They have the narrowest bid and ask margins – the difference between the price at which merchants sell silver and gold and buy silver and gold bullion from you. So this is a very efficient way to invest and these bars are very liquid because they are on the stock market that traders can buy and sell at any time.

If there was a commodity exchange default and there have been past defaults, you don't want your metal to be in the commodity vault because they would make the plans for what they are going to do with your metal. It's safer to get it out of there.

I think you will see silver go over $ 100 / oz. But there is also the possibility that you will see silver above $ 1000 / oz. That may sound crazy, but all you have to do is study the fundamentals of silver and a bit of monetary history, and you will see that stranger things have happened quite often in the past. Now if the silver reached $ 1,000. / oz. and you had 1,000 oz. bar that would be a million dollars. When you go to liquidate your position you have to liquidate it at a million dollars at a time.

Therefore, it would be wise to buy silver and gold in smaller increments, such as 100 oz. silver bars. Make sure you get the bars from a well-known refinery. They have a stamp on the bar and a serial number, as well as the weight and fineness, stamped on the bar. So you basically have a certificate of authenticity on the bar.

So you have the 10 oz. and smaller gold and silver bars that also have the weight and fineness stamped on them. These bars also stack very well in a vault.