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Shun The Party For A Relaxing Break To Carpinteria

When it comes to party, Carpinteria is undoubtedly the most famous, frequented and extreme.

Today, many Carpinteria hotels are geared towards just that – indulging your relaxing and in need of a pamper side. So cast aside what you think you know about Carpinteria and prepare to discover a whole new side.

Relax in one of the many traditional restaurants, where laid-back dining is a must as you chat the night away with the proprietor or waiter.

This is where holidaymakers really fall in love with the island. Come nightfall, the Old Town lights up like something out of a fairy tale. You can also book hotels rooms in Carpinteria at

Pampering is taking to a different level in Carpinteria and one of its more relaxing past times is a visit to the neighbouring island. One of the draws of the island is how remote it seems, where you can sit back and enjoy a skin nourishing mud bath in a serene and peaceful environment.

Whilst many Carpinteria hotels do cater for the more chilled out tourist, there are some areas which do it best. 

The Carpinteria beach hotel offers all the luxuries normally associated with a branded hotel. Satellite television and large rooms are the standard at this five star resort property.