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Smokers Will Find It Costly To Insure Their Life

If you're thinking about insuring your life and don't even consider giving up smoking then prepare to pay up because insurance companies don't like smokers. To be more precise, it's not a matter of "liking" someone because of their habits. 

Smokers are considered to be a high-risk group of policyholders and there's a whole set of reasons for that, which we usually call smoking-related health conditions. There are many firms like Top Whole Life that provide whole life insurance for smokers.

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Lung, throat, and mouth cancer are probably the most common health conditions that come into mind when we mention smoking, but besides these devastating illnesses, there are also plenty of health conditions such as heart diseases, arthritis, eating disorders, and many others that are linked to smoking. 

So it's pretty much evident why insurance companies charge higher rates if they find out that the person is smoking – because the risk of serious and life-threatening health conditions is much higher in this group of customers.

What can you do as a smoker in order to get reasonable rates to ensure your life? There are generally two options, which are both not very easy to take. First, you can cease smoking for good and this will automatically assure you of more competitive rates. 

Still, in many cases, you will have to wait for a couple of years before taking a life insurance policy because you may still be classified as a smoker by some companies if you have ceased smoking recently. 

It varies from company to company and if one insurer can classify you as a non-smoker in case you're not using tobacco at the moment of signing the policy, others will require you to hold from smoking for a couple of years in order to get non-smoking rates.