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Some Main Benefits of Plaster

Before we had drywall, a material called gypsum was the best construction choice for wall and ceiling cladding in buildings. It offers home builders a way to create beautiful interior designs as well as durable exterior walls. With the invention of drywall, the use of plaster goes back several decades. You can visit for the best plaster services.

Here are some of the main benefits of plaster:

Plaster is designed to last through the ages, making it much more durable. Many historic homes still have the original plaster and are still in fantastic condition without requiring special care. If drywall is hit too hard by furniture or a hammer, it can easily fall apart and puncture. 

It is also easily damaged by water and fire. On the other hand, plaster dries to a very hard surface that is not easily damaged. It's fire-resistant and doesn't have much of a water damage problem. 

Plaster is a flexible material that can be molded into various shapes and designs. Plastering professionals are master craftsmen and not builders, carefully creating beautiful details and styles that suit many different aesthetics. 

Plaster acoustics are very different from drywall acoustics. Many musicians and recording artists report that playing or recording in a plastered room produces a much richer sound. 

The plaster is also more soundproof, making it ideal for things like theaters or clubs where music is played loudly. The reason is that plaster is a stronger material with more mass, so it absorbs sound much better. 

It also helps reduce sound leakage and contributes to the fire resistance of the material.