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Sorting Gates For Farm Cows

3 Way Draft Gate modules offer farmers an economical design systems that can be added to each race cow. Cow sorting gate only moves in one direction, controlled by simple tensile stainless steel cable with a spring return. Both cables have the ability to open or close the lock. The heavy duty galvanized base complete system to give long life and excellent product reliability. Totally made of galvanized steel which is good, this gate completes a fantastic concept and simple, offering proper management of cattle.

Saber Draft is automatic layout, allowing you to drafts automatically when you start the milking business.

You can find handy Saber Draft online.  

The basic functions offered by it to make the management process easier are:

• Simple simple two-way or three-way drafting gate

• A powerful system that does not need to bother making concept

• Large entry for the automation of agriculture that has the ability to grow with your farm

• Confirm that occur in real time concepts

• Remote control for instant make untagged cattle EID

• simple statements such as loss of cows and bulls is designed

• Low levels of literacy and computer training are required to make the system design run and run

Thus, these are some of the functions offfered by saber draft.