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Starting Up SUP Yoga Business

Anyone who already practices yoga on land will quickly switch to SUP yoga with a little patience and a few simple adjustments. But even if you've never tried yoga before, you're sure to have fun SUP yoga.

Familiarize yourself with the poses so you have some basics and an open mind. You'll get used to dogs flying before you know it! SUP board yoga is in trend nowadays.

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Rowing yoga can offer so much fun. Here are some reasons to get started.

Be warned: Since you're balancing on a completely different surface than you would normally do in a home yoga studio, you'll need to be more active when you practice SUP yoga. Yoga focuses your breath and is uplifting, so this is a recipe for mindfulness.

Train your muscles in new ways: In addition to the muscles commonly trained in yoga, SUP yoga trains more muscles, especially core muscles, for a workout that demands the whole body.

Challenge Your Yoga Skills: SUP Yoga is a challenging and new way to experience a tried and true yoga routine. You will especially notice how you use your core and legs hard and challenge yourself to balance yourself in the water. 

Renew your passion for yoga: Practicing water yoga strengthens your love for it and gives your movements and repertoire new depth. There are few things more refreshing than proving to yourself that you can take on new challenges and let go of your fears.