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Different Methods to Treat Neck pain

There are many ways to treat neck pain. To manage your pain you can use the medications but these medications can cause side effects, such as stomach bleeding, liver damage, ulcers, addiction (prescription drugs), etc.

Neck pain can also be treated with a variety of non-drug treatments, including neck manipulation, acupuncture, and herbal remedies. Certified neck pain doctors in Chicago design customized treatment for patients suffering from neck pain.

chiropractic therapy for neck

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Chiropractors use neck manipulation to improve the function and health of the spine. Inexperienced Chiropractors can cause more harm than good. If you're considering neck manipulation to relieve your pain, make sure to consult a licensed chiropractor who has a track record of success.

An acupuncturist trained in treating neck pain can give you acupuncture. Acupuncture rarely causes any side effects other than minor bruising, soreness, or bleeding at the needle injection sites.

Yoga and Pilates are great for easing tension and improving posture. They also strengthen the muscles of the midsection, which provide support and stability to your spine.

You can also try Massage. Massage improves blood flow and releases pain-killing hormones. It also relieves tension that could contribute to neck pain. A licensed massage therapist can perform a pain relief massage. Before receiving a massage, pregnant women and people suffering from cancer, blood clots, or ulcers need to consult their doctor.