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Beautiful African Art- African Mask

African masks are among the best pieces in the art world . They are generally created  from wood and some are crafted of different fabric. They are sometimes embellished with beads and color.

Most masks are not to look like real faces. They are crafted and made to create something for giving shock. They tend to convey different emotions like anger, sadness or suspicion. 

They play different roles to the tribes across the continent. Once finished, it will be stored in a safe and sometimes sacred place, and be guided only for important social events and ceremonies. There are many online sellers like paceafricanart who deal with genuine african art and Masks.

african masks

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Masks have been and are still worn during celebrations like funerals, weddings and initiation rites and for amusing  guests. African masks are typically worn by men, but in some cultures it is also worn by womens and they also perform by wearing masks.

When it comes to wearing masks in addition to the way we understand how to wear, there are other options. You can wear on the head like helmets are worn around the entire head covering or as a crest on top of the head.

For those of us who watch the Discovery Channel,they must know the frequent use of African masks  which includes during  ritual dance. This includes the dancers wearing a mask and full costume.