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Duties And Responsibilities Of Wood Architects Of Detached House In Oslo

Whether a residential architect of housing assignment or commercial architects, the duties of these are not limited to designing plans for the building, the responsibility goes far beyond that. 

He is responsible to look into the safety of the occupants. In this article, some of the roles and responsibilities of wood architects in Oslo are discussed for the 'project of wood architecture and design' (also known as 'prosjekter av wood arkitektur og design' in Norway language).

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Satisfying client

As an architect works closely related to catering to the needs of the client, the architect must meet the client several times before finally planning the design. He must remember clients' budgets, their purpose and special requirements if whatever they want to include in the plan. 

Proper research

Before you actually begin the project, you must undergo specific research work on how the project will look like once it's finished. Architects also need to be aware of urban planning and zoning laws, fire regulations, building codes, etc. prior to the preparation of the design.

Technical knowledge

They should be able to use CAD systems, various software-assisted approaches for construction and other modeling systems through software.


It is the responsibility of the architect to access and review the pre-qualification of contractors involved in the project. He is also responsible for checking their factories and workshops whenever there is a need to do so.

Notice any differences that may arise

The best wood architect in Oslo is responsible for notifying any differences arising out of the contract documents for resident engineers and told them to fix it.

Check ingredients

It is the responsibility of the architect to check that all the necessary building materials are delivered to the site and they are stored properly as recommended by the manufacturer so as to avoid damage.