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Best Road Trips From Mumbai That You Should Ride To

Mumbai is situated amidst stunning mountains by the sea and is a city that can please sea lovers and mountain people alike. If you love sand and waves then there is a wide coastline that stretches from the city to the southernmost tip of the country. 

If you prefer to stay near the clouds, there are plenty of quaint hill stations for you to enjoy your adventure. So we found five destinations that are not far from the city, some connected by beautiful roads and offering the best travel from Mumbai. You can visit to have a look at those places. 

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Nashik is 170 km from Mumbai, which is on a four-lane national highway and is a great way to cycle. On its way, Kasara Ghat is a popular place among motorcyclists with its many twists and turns.

The hill town of Igatpuri. This is on the Nashik site and is the most visited destination for day trips, where you can find a quiet and picturesque place to enjoy a little picnic.


With the ocean floating above your boat, there are several places in Mumbai where you can make your swinging dreams come true. Because of your taste for moth bugs, you can choose Alibag which is only about 95 km from the city. Or you can travel south parallel to the Arabian Sea as long as you can find a beach. 


If your life is too busy and you only have Sundays, then Pawna is the perfect natural remedy for your hard eyesight. Only about 30 km from the city of Lonavala and only 115 km from the city of Mumbai, Lake Pavana offers a stunning view that you can determine from your favourite spot.