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Roller Blinds In Melbourne

Roller blinds are operated manually or automatically via a winding mechanism that raises and lowers the blinds. Roller blinds are in place instead of drapes, curtains, Venetian blinds, or other window finishes. However, it can be difficult to ascertain where and how to buy roller blinds in Melbourne.  

Can I Get Roller Blinds in Melbourne?

Roller blinds are readily available in most countries and cities around the world, especially in major cities. This includes Melbourne. Roller blinds, including the blockout variety, are well suited to Melbourne due to the hot summers and cold winters, and the relentless weather it brings. 

How Much Do Roller Blinds Cost In Melbourne? 

The cost of roller blinds is determined by a number of factors. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Are the blinds “off the shelf”?
  • Are the blinds made to order?
  • Are the blinds manually operated? 
  • Are the blinds automatic? 
  • Are the blinds made for a standard window? 
  • Are the blinds for non-standard windows? 

These factors will determine the cost of roller blinds. 

Off the shelf blinds start from around $50.00 per blind, inclusive of fittings, that will then need to be installed in the required place. Blinds that are custom made, automated, or for non-standard windows will incur higher prices. 

What Rooms Are Best Suited For Roller Blinds?

The short answer is that any room can have roller blinds fitted to it. However blockout roller blinds, having the ability to reduce the amount of light and heat a room is exposed to, are best suited for bedrooms or main rooms in a house. Main rooms will need to remain comfortable due to the amount of time spent in them. While bedrooms need to remain comfortable and dark – no one likes to wake up at 4 am with the sun when an 8 am sleep in was anticipated.

image of blockout roller blinds in Melbourne

What Are The Features And Benefits Of Roller Blinds?

Versatility is one of the biggest features of roller blinds. Their ability to be customised in a variety of manners increases their appeal. Customisation of roller blinds can be from their operability right down to the colour and texture of the material used. The material used will also determine how frequently they need to be cleaned, and in what way. A homeowner that is time poor does not want to have to consider where they will find enough time to clean blinds, therefore an easy-to-clean option in a dark colour will be most suitable to them. However, if you consider a cafe, for example, they may want to consider something that is more customisable in colour, pattern, texture, and so on. Roller blinds have the added benefit of being able to further insulate a building by insulating the windows from heat, cold or light. This means a home will stay warmer in winter and cooler in summer. They can be made to order of self-installed after purchasing off the shelf products. They can be customised to suit a variety of tastes and styles including colour, pattern, length and operability. Roller blinds have many benefits including providing additional insulation to the area.