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Botox Injections to Correct And Reduce a Square Jaw-Line

It is considered by most people around the world, which has a square bottom jaw is masculine traits. Men naturally have a strong chin and a strong, square jawline is distinctly masculine, but many women prefer a softer, more feminine shape to their face.

While square jaw-line is to see a completely acceptable for a woman, the female jaw is thinner than men and has a slightly rounded corner, and while it was a square, it does not blunt.

A typical woman's jaw gentle curve, extending from ear to chin, and though the form is often attributed as the most feminine and most common, there are also many women who our society considers attractive, which has a more angular, masculine jawline. 

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Some say that some women with square jaw testosterone levels are slightly higher than average but in many women's only ethnic features. If a strong, square jawline becomes too pronounced, it can make the face look masculine and self-awareness turn causes.

Masseter muscle in the jaw responsible for jaw movement, and like the muscles, the muscles of the jaw grow with exercise. Actions, such as repetitive chewing gum, teeth clenching or grinding of teeth during sleep, can cause the muscle to increase, which can make the appearance look square in the face.

Botox can help change the shape of your face with masseter muscle relaxation, which, when prominent give more "square jaw" appearance.

In recent years, non-invasive Botox injections have become a popular alternative for people who suffer from the thickening of the muscles of the jaw. Botox injections carry fewer risks than surgical treatment and can also help those who suffer from grinding teeth at night.