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The Growth of the Trucking Industry

Did you know that, with relatively few exceptions, each of the products you buy has been transported by truck? Most people do not realize how heavy our economy depends on the trucking industry. Even products are made of several elements that have most likely been transported more than once before reaching the final product.

Despite such a heavy dependence, during the next few years, the trucking industry is expected to face a serious shortage in the category of drivers. Most truckers will soon reach retirement age but the trucking industry has not been compensated by hiring new drivers to fill the gap. So, there is a requirement of more and more people to join this industry. If someone is interested in this industry, they can find truck driving jobs in Virginia via or any other online sources.

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In fact, the industry is expected to see an increase of 22% in employment by the end of this year but is expected to rise by 50% in transport volume over the next 20 years.

So what this actually means? The gap between the number of truck drivers available and the demand for their services is rapidly growing larger. The trucking companies that offer competitive wages, benefits, and a flexible schedule are successful in attracting a new generation of drivers. 

Some companies also offer incentives such as signing bonuses and free CDL training. Experienced drivers are being lured by lucrative salaries and more flexible schedules, allowing them to be at their homes more.