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IUD – Birth Control Method

To get detailed knowledge of the functionality of birth control methods, it is necessary to know what the IUD means. IUD is a contraceptive intrauterine device. The device works by means inserted into the uterus of a woman and is made of plastic, in the form of the letter T.

When the device is inserted, it starts performing its work and keeps the user safe from unwanted pregnancy. In the same other way, when it is removed from the womb women’s fertility is restored and can choose to conceive. There are a number of different iuds birth control devices, it is important to choose a brand that is best and safest to use.

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The device is inserted only by qualified physicians and specialists and is a mechanism that works effectively for about 5 years, without having to be removed or replaced. IUDs work with the help of the body’s natural hormones.

Compared with oral contraceptives or the pill as it is known the level of hormones that are secreted much lower and high enough to be effective.

This means that the body does not get harmed and body systems do not get distracted. This device also inhibits the deposition of a fertilized egg in the womb by working on the lining of the uterus to make it thinner, thus ensuring that no pregnancy occurs.

Because the device works with the natural hormone, also known as hormonal IUD birth control. This mechanism is made such that its presence can not be detected by female sex partners and there is no harm in the normal routine of the user. T shape easily fits in the womb and helps in blocking the tubes connected to the uterus.