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Different Types of Garden Marquees

Today's garden marquees come in many different sizes and shapes. They can also be used for many different purposes. You can now buy or rent small marquees that can be used repeatedly in your garden. These marquees are easy to assemble and disassemble. You can also hire garden marquees through

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We will be taking a look at some of the different types of marquees available for garden use.

1. The Rectangular Marquee

These marquees are among the most sought-after. These marquees have plenty of space inside, allowing for people to sit or stand in the designated areas. They have enough space to accommodate a disco or band equipment. 

These types of garden marquees are used for events such as wedding receptions and parties like a wedding anniversary. You should be aware that these marquees require a lot of space in order to be erected.

2. The Round End Marquee

This marquee is best for small gardens. It requires very little space and can be easily erected. This garden marquee, like the one mentioned above, can be used for many events. 

However, most people use it for an outdoor party such as a child's birthday. This marquee is also very popular because it only requires two poles. These are the ones that support the roof and sides.

3. The Lightweight Party Tent

This is the best option for those with a small budget. They provide enough space for friends and family to shelter from the elements while having a barbecue. 

They come in many sizes, but they are usually rectangular. These garden marquees are cheaper than other types due to the materials they are made from.