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Easiest Way To Get Started Marketing Your Business On Facebook

A Facebook Chatbot is a program that interacts with a human using your Facebook messenger as an intermediary by automatically answering the user s questions, and supplying instant responses in Facebook Messenger. The interaction with Facebook chat Bots is instantaneous, making them ideal for customer support. Oftentimes, Facebook chat bots are referred to as Facebook Messenger Bots, and there s definitely a reason for that.

One of the best chatbot examples out there is named Facebook Messenger Bot. This is a Facebook application that is integrated into Facebook itself. This bot allows users to connect through the use of their Facebook account, which automatically starts a video conversation in the Messenger area. Using this bot, it is easy to keep conversations going without having to deal with the hassle of individually setting up each individual chat session. There are many other bot applications available on Facebook, such as Facebookneuron, Facebook Poker bot, Facebook Flow, and Facebook Zencart bot.

Bots offer Facebook users a high-quality customer experience that goes beyond basic chat and creates a sense of engagement that cannot be found anywhere else. Bots make customer support easier, and simpler yet, even more, engaging than ever before. Bots are used to facilitate communication between two or more individuals, and they can be used on their own to link up friends and families for networking purposes. Bots also allow organizations to have high-quality interactions, such as connecting customers with suppliers.

Bots allow you to go beyond the simple text-based conversation. By using Facebook Messenger Bot, you can set up messages that include a number of items, which can lead to very personal interaction. These chatbags are very useful because they allow people to exchange large amounts of information, such as product or service reviews. Facebook chatbags are also useful because they provide a place for business owners to advertise their products. Facebook chatbags can be monitored and changed by the owner or manager, depending on how they wish to control who sees the information.

In addition to enabling users to talk to others through their Facebook profiles, Facebook Chatbot are useful tools for improving customer service and overall productivity on Facebook. Through the chatbot, a representative may answer questions about specific products or services and keep in touch with previous customers. The chatbot can also help promote upcoming events, such as special sales and promotions. Bots offer a high-quality customer service option that has the potential to greatly improve overall business productivity.

Not only are chat bots excellent customer service options, but they are excellent tools for increasing Facebook's revenue. Bots are also a great way for businesses to increase their brand recognition, especially if they offer helpful advice to customers. Chat bots are popular because they offer an intuitive way to allow Facebook users to interact with companies. This interactive feature allows Facebook users to create user profiles and connect with friends. Facebook Sephora is a great example of these bots in action.

Social networks like Facebook are all about connectedness. People want to connect with those with similar interests, including groups that share common hobbies, ideas, and values. Facebook welcome messages are one way that businesses can encourage members of these groups to connect with their brands. A Facebook welcome message can include any number of phrases or words that will encourage Facebook members to connect with their businesses. For example, a welcoming message might mention the bot is "building connections with the trans community". It might also mention the app has "an integrated supply chain for your community".

If you want to get started building a chatbot on Facebook, it is recommended that you begin testing and tweaking your bot after you have created a profile, secured funding, and built a basic profile. Facebook Chat Bots are one of the easiest ways to get started marketing your business on Facebook. You can use a chat bot for any contact lens application, contact management application, or application that allows you to reach a large number of people. Bot creators are working hard to make chat bots more engaging so that Facebook users will want to become a part of this bot community.

How You Can Benefit From Using the Facebook Messenger Bot?

Facebook Chatbot is a new feature in Facebook's Facebook applications. It is basically an automated tool for Facebook users to communicate through Facebook Messenger. This automated tool is the first step of Facebook's strategy to take marketing to a completely different level. Facebook has now entered a whole new era of online marketing with this latest release of their Messenger Bot. Facebook Messenger Bot uses artificial intelligence to detect and type out conversations on Facebook Messenger and then responds by offering a response. The idea is for the Facebook Messenger Bot to appear as a human when chatting to you so that you would actually want to engage and get to know him a little better.

The concept of using bots to provide customer service has been around for quite some time. In fact, in Facebook's earlier days, the bot was used as a customer support system. You can check out the Facebook group " Applications" to see examples of Bot Applications. The Facebook Team used bot applications for several years to provide valuable services such as organizing fan pages, fan posts, managing your timeline, and sending mass emails.

In terms of using bots to provide valuable customer service, Facebook Messenger Bot has some advantages over other popular applications. For instance, most popular social network sites allow their members to create and manage their accounts by using specific applications. Facebook however aims to create an experience that is more personal by allowing each user to manage their own profile page. Facebook Messenger Bot is a bot that allows its user to manage his/her account by configuring it according to the latest settings and information.

Facebook Messenger Bot can be considered as a simple application of Sephora, which is an advanced conversational application. Sephora allows a user to categorize and arrange items on their digital shopping cart. This means that Facebook Messenger Bot will allow you to manage your shopping cart by sorting items into different categories.

In terms of functionality, Sephora and Facebook Messenger Bot are very similar to each other. They both support common functions like creating, updating, and deleting stores. The main difference between these two Facebook Chatbot lies in Sephora's ability to support multiple types of stores. Most of the time, web users tend to use web applications when conversing with other web users. In the case of Facebook, the use of chat applications tends to be limited to Facebook friends and other group discussions.

So, what can you do with Sephora and Facebook Messenger Bot? Basically, Sephora is used to manage your digital inventory. When you're shopping on the web, you may encounter the same problems as you may have encountered in physical stores. Since chatbot is capable of supporting multiple stores, it would make your task much easier.

You can also interact with customers by creating a community for your product or service. The community function allows you to create profiles for each store that you are handling and place a link with your Sephora account where your customers can connect to your Facebook account. This way, communication with your clients will become easier since they can talk to your representative via chatbot. If you want to manage more than one store, all you have to do is create a new profile for each of them and fill out the information they need.

Finally, if you want to manage your e-commerce website or blog, Facebook Messenger Bot offers you the ability to integrate it with your webhook. Basically, a webhook is a JavaScript code that allows your website to automatically update its content. For instance, when the customer purchases an item from your website, the shopping cart will automatically update the details with the amount that was spent. The Facebook Messenger Bot is compatible with the latest versions of Facebook as well as most browsers, so there's no need to learn any programming languages in order to set it up. In addition, you don't need to install any additional plug-ins as webhook integration with Facebook Messenger Bot is already included in the software. The only thing you need to do is to provide your customer with a link where he/she can insert their ID and password to log in to your e-commerce site.

Get the Most Out of Your Messenger Bot

A Messenger Bot is a virtual chatbot that integrates right into the Facebook platform and enables users to interact directly with the online shoppers as it may pertain to the orders, returns, FAQ, recommendations, and so on. Bot bots help automate the whole process of online customer support queries and functions through a conversational platform, like Facebook Messenger. Bots act as human online agents that provide real-time information on the products and services offered by a company.

To get started with the Facebook Bot creation you just need to set up your own account, after registration, you will be asked to give a name for the new bot. The name of the bot will help you in making the identification of the bot. Then you need to install a number of Facebook applications into the Facebook Bot, one of which is Facebook Messenger Bot. Once installed, the Facebook Message Bot will start to interact with your Facebook friends. The bot then will make suggestions to your Facebook friends based on its experience and the data it has accumulated from the real-time interactions it has conducted.

There are a number of features that Facebook Bot provides in order to make interaction with your friends easier and more efficient. It helps in making customer support queries easier for the customers to handle, as it will be able to provide you with instant answers and other important information related to the product or the service that the customer is inquiring about. This also makes the interactions more dynamic and the customers get a better sense of getting involved with the product. The Facebook Bot can also be used for providing tips and tricks related to the product that you are offering, this way the customer gets informed about the features, benefits, and uses of the product and is able to choose the product that suits his requirements.

For a wider interaction with the customers, it is recommended that the Facebook Bot provides a variety of features to the customers. These features include shopping tips, reviews, product ratings and recommendations, and so on.

You can even allow your customers to leave product reviews in order to increase your customer base, this way your customer base is increased as well. Reviews provide an avenue for customers to discuss and review products and ratings provide an additional source of traffic on the website and these reviews can also be useful tools for the promotion of the company, for the customers as they can recommend the products of their friends.

As a social media company, you must always keep your customers engaged in conversation and keep them posted on what is happening with the product and services. You can use these tools to make updates on any changes, improvements that have been done in the products and services. If you keep your customers engaged you are sure to maintain a healthy customer relationship.

With a Facebook Messenger Bot, you will not only save your marketing budget, but you can also have a hand in improving your customer relations. If a person on your customer care team becomes unresponsive, this can have a negative impact on your business. The customer is able to easily contact you by just sending a message or leaving a message in your Facebook Messenger Chatbot. A great way to communicate with customers is to send a message asking them to send an email to you and if you can provide a live response or reply, your customer will feel appreciated and is less likely to get irritated with you.

If you want to get the best out of your Facebook Chatbot, you can make it an integrated part of the Facebook Messenger system, this way, your customer care will become a seamless integration of the two. The ability to respond to customer queries in real-time will enable your customers to get the answers that they need and you will never have to spend any time getting in touch with them. It is also very easy to manage your customer base, you can create new people and remove existing people from your customer list. This will free up your time to do other things which are very important for a successful online marketing business.

Facebook Messenger Bot Create Interactive Online Communiity

Facebook Messenger Bots is using to create a more interactive online community. They are used by thousands of users, especially on the social networking site Facebook. This will help users communicate with each other and keep up with their friends on the web.

Facebook Messenger Bot is a software application that is used to automate conversations through Facebook chat. With Messenger Chat Bot, the chat session can be scheduled for a particular time, in which you can then reply to the other person.

Messenger ChatBot has the ability to send instant messages. It can send texts, photos, and files to other people in Facebook chat.

Messenger Bot was developed by the Facebook software engineering team. This particular application has a user interface that is very interactive and user-friendly.

Messenger Bot has the capability of generating replies to your messages. It also has the capability of displaying the latest updates and wall posts from other users in Facebook chat.

Messenger Bot can automatically send a message to the other user's messages when the user sends a message to the Bot. It also has the capability to send a message to the other person's other friends, which will enable them to be notified of the message.

Messenger ChatBot is able to send and receive messages on multiple devices. It is also capable of sending and receiving messages to multiple users at the same time.

Messenger Bot is very useful for people who are not using their computers and can access Facebook applications from their mobile devices. You can also use it to automate conversations so that you can communicate with your friends even on the go.

The Messenger Chat Bot is very easy to set up and run. All you have to do is set up a Facebook account and choose a user name and password.

Then, you can either log in to Messenger ChatBot through Facebook or you can log in to Messenger ChatBot from the Facebook mobile application. You will see the Messenger ChatBot icon on the toolbar or a list of icons on the left-hand side of the screen.

Then, click on it and select "activate messenger chat". You will see that the Messenger ChatBot application will load up.

When you enter a chat, you will see a list of contacts of the users and chat history of all users you have ever been in contact with. You will also see the icons of their profiles.

In the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, you will see the chat history of the messages you have sent to these people. You can delete the messages by clicking on the message you want to delete. and then choose the message again from the menu.

You can send messages to other people in website chatbot from Facebook applications. If you have multiple profiles on Facebook, you can send messages to multiple friends at the same time.

Understanding And Review On Messenger ChatBot

I don't understand what a Messenger Chatbot is, because I've never been a person to get involved in conversations. My focus is more towards watching what's going on around me, so when I hear the word Chatbot, I think of the coolest new toy that I want to play with for hours on end – but I really don't understand how it works.

Messenger has been the hottest chat application for years, and this is why I would be so interested in seeing if Messenger Chatbot could be any better. After all, I like to play around with new applications, and I've tried many of them. But I've never seen an application as good as Messenger Chatbot, and if it can become any better, then I will be the happiest person on the face of the planet.

The Messenger Chatbot actually allows me to start my own very unique business that I'm calling "Facebook Chatbot Store". This is where I will be selling different types of things that I've made and have gotten great success with. People can also use this application to order anything from music to flowers, and it's all set up so that it's all automated.

I've always been able to use apps like Skype or Google Talk, which makes it easy to make or take calls, but I wanted to make it even easier, and the way I did it was by setting up a server, which is exactly what the Messenger Bot Store does. With this service, you will never have to worry about something being lost or damaged, since everything is all connected.

Most people know that Messenger doesn't really provide much in the way of originality, but with Messenger Bot Store, they'll be pleasantly surprised. Even if they've never played with bots before, they should have no problem using this new application.

The problem with chat applications is that they tend to require a lot of batteries to keep going, and this is a big turnoff for most people because if you aren't always online, you might lose a lot of money. If you're in an area where there's no cell service, this is also a turn-off.

What I love about Messenger Bot is that it not only has a map function, but it will also alert you of different things around it. If there's someone coming your way, it will alert you, so you can decide whether or not you want to answer the call.

One feature that I particularly love about Messenger Bot is that it can be accessed anywhere. It's not like any other chat application, and that's why it's so great.

And one more thing I love about Messenger Bot is that it runs through commands from an old-school DOS prompt. If you have a computer that has at least an eight-bit color screen, and a keyboard, and you've got the right software, you should be able to set up a great new application.

If you do have the right software, then the Messenger Bot will do almost anything for you. If you've got any special needs, you can install any software that you need, and you will be able to control your chat application any way you want.

There are plenty of resources out there for Messenger Bot, but there's only one other website that has the actual files that make it work. This is the only website that I have used, and I have personally tested Messenger Bot.

I also tried some new applications out that were trying to compete with Messenger Bot, but they weren't any good. I had a lot of fun with this application, and it may just be my favorite chat application out there.

Learn How to Make a Messenger Chat Bot in This Tutorial

One of the most popular bots that are used today is Messenger ChatBot. This is an online chatbot that uses natural language processing, or NLP, to make conversations between the person using it and the bot flow naturally.

A chat bot will analyze what it's been asked about and then respond appropriately. For example, a user might ask a question about how to open a photo album and it can answer "I see you're still using that old technique." A natural response would be "Ah, I did open it but my finger was numb from the photographs."

As you will learn in this tutorial, it is possible to make a Messenger Chat Bot by doing very little more than programming it to recognize, say, and do things. If you are interested in this type of bot, then please continue on to the next section and read this tutorial.

When you set up a Messenger Bot for use, make sure that you are dealing with the real Messenger. It has a strict privacy policy that you should be aware of before you create your bot.

If you do decide to create a Messenger Chat Bot, then you will need to first consider how much the bot will cost you. You want to make sure that you can afford to buy the software that the bot needs to run. Some of the more advanced Bots cost over $100.

There are many different methods that you can go about to find out how much your bot will cost you. The most inexpensive way to do this is to run a free trial of an Internet site that offers an interactive chatbot.

If you run into a major snag when using the interactive bot, which is to my mind the best option to go with, then you can get a professional to look at the bot and do a detailed review. However, the cost of hiring a professional to review your bot is quite high.

Most Internet sites will provide free bot usage at a time during their introductory period. However, if you get a bot that requires some financial investment, then you can purchase a lifetime license.

The software that is provided for the Bot will be used for making all of the decisions that the bot makes regarding what to say. With the paid bots, the developer is given complete control over what the bot will be able to say and do.

If you have not used a Messenger Bot before, then it is advisable that you do a brief search on the Internet about chatbots. There are several interesting sites that you can visit to read about these Bots.

Some of the best chatbots are the ones that are only being used by one group or one person. If your Bot is only being used by a group of friends, then there is no reason to pay a huge amount of money to buy a bot.

However, if you have a lot of money to spend, then you should get a Bot that is not only being used by one person. In fact, if you go to websites like Paid Bot reviews, you will see that many different Bots are available to select from.

How to Set Up a Facebook Messenger Bot?

You have probably heard about Facebook Messenger Bot, which is a special bot designed to advertise your website on Messenger. This is a good and effective way to drive more traffic to your website, as it is very low cost and easy to use. What you need to do is follow these steps to set up a Facebook Messenger Bot for your website.

The first thing you have to do is to sign up for a Facebook account. Make sure that you have an email address for yourself to sign up with. You also need to make sure that your Facebook account is open.

Next step is to download the Bot software. There are several versions of the Bot available online, so you can select the one that you prefer. Choose the most suitable one for your needs. For most of the users, the free versions are not enough, so the best option is to download the advanced version of the Bot.

To launch the Facebook Messenger Bot, you will need to create a Facebook account for yourself, if you don't already have one. You will be given a choice to choose a first name and a last name, as well as a password to protect your account.

Once you create a Facebook account, log in and then click the Create Account button. After that, copy your information and paste it into the form to submit. After that, click the Create Account button.

If you don't have any friends on Facebook, you may create an account. To get started, type in the relevant information in the appropriate boxes provided on the Facebook home page.

Choose a user name that is unique to you and a password. It is highly recommended that you select a strong password to protect your account. You will be asked to enter your security questions, sokeep it simple and short.

Finally, you have to select the application name you want to use. For instance, if you don't have a Facebook account yet, you should select 'Experimental Bot'

After you have created your account, you have to activate your Bot. To do this, you just need to go to your applications section and click on the 'Activate Application' button.

The next step is to add your Bot to your Facebook account. Type in the username and password that you have already established, as well as a valid security question and answer. After that, click the button to connect your Bot to your account.

This is it! Now you can start sending messages will automatically be sent out to all your friends who have an account with the Bot.

Messenger Bot is a great tool for you to help increase traffic to your website and marketing your business. Make it a point to add it to your Facebook profile today!

How Does A Facebook Messenger Bot Work?

A Facebook Chatbot has become increasingly popular on Facebook, but few users have actually used it. Using a Facebook Messenger Bot is a great way to find people and businesses with the same interests as you.

Some people do not like "bothering" other people to get in touch with them. Others do not want to contact other people if they are not a friend of theirs. A Facebook Messenger Bot is a user-friendly tool that can do all of the hard work for you.

The first thing you need to do is set up your Facebook account. The Messenger Bot is a web page that can help you with this step. Just go to your Facebook profile and click on the 'Bot' link. Here you will be asked a few questions about the company you are using the bot for.

Once you have done this, the next step is to create an event. There are many features available when you create an event, but a simple one is to create a template and select the template to use. Once you have created an event, the bot will notify you every time someone RSVPs.

There are many different events that you can create. You can create an event for a specific time of day or at a specific location. It is important to keep in mind the location when you create the event because your potential customer will have to travel to your event. You can also have the bot notify you every time your potential customer gets in touch with you.

The Facebook Messenger Bot is easy to use. You just need to include it on your Facebook profile and send out notifications. You can either let it send out automatic messages to your contacts or you can manually do it every time.

A Facebook Messenger Bot is great because it helps to connect people who are similar to you. It allows you to stay connected with other businesses as well as individuals. It can give you a lead list of people who have the same interest as you.

You may not want to share your personal contacts with just anyone. You could choose to only share these personal contacts with people who are your "friends" on Facebook. You may also choose to send your personal contacts to your "business contacts" on Facebook.

Remember, not everyone is going to like you and not everyone will want to do business with you. You will need to make sure you are receiving the best leads and not just running the Facebook Messenger Bot. Having the ability to sort through your leads based on what they are interested in will allow you to get the best results.

Once you set up your Facebook account, the Messenger Bot will begin to show you events that match your criteria. It will sort them by criteria such as time of day, location, RSVPs, and even make recommendations for what you should do. It also helps you to keep your contacts on track so that you can make connections on your own.

If you do not find anyone to recommend to you and your not interested in making a purchase, you can simply set up a recommendation or review. You can also search by category. You can even use a Bot that is designed specifically for Facebook Marketing.

Facebook has a huge potential of connecting millions of people. The Messenger Bot is a tool that can help you connect with all types of people. The service is free and can help you get the results you want.

A Review of Messenger Bot

Messenger Bot is written in PHP and is part of a project called Cobalt Mentor. This project is an open source project. Cobalt Mentor provides basic functionality for most users. They use HTML form validation, PHP template tags, PHP filters, HTML variables, and array manipulation for basic development.

I have been quite impressed with Facebook Messenger Bot. It has been the second webmail program I've tried and the first webmail program I've used on the web, which means that it has a lot to teach me.

Messenger Bot provides features such as auto-completion, syntax highlighting, multiple email addresses, automatic reply mechanism, signature, and auto-save. The feature that I am particularly happy about is auto-completion. It is very useful because I usually forget the syntax of a certain command. With auto-completion, you can run a series of commands without remembering how to do it. You can also type any command into the search box and the program will suggest the next few characters to be typed.

The author has made a PHP extension. This is great because it allows you to use more than one extension on your web page. The extensions are written in PHP. I believe this is the only program that supports more than one extension.

Another important thing about Messenger Bot is that it uses PHP. There are some people who prefer HTML to PHP. For this reason, the program may not be compatible with your current PHP version. If you are using PHP, you should upgrade your PHP version to a higher version. In addition, if you plan to use the PHP extension, you should use the latest PHP.

In addition, Messenger Bot uses a code editor. This is something I didn't like about Cobalt Mentor. In order to make changes to the code, you have to use the "Edit" menu. Then, you have to hit the "Edit" button again.

Also, there are some features in Messenger Bot that are missing from many email programs. These include integration with various social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Some of the features of the program also differ from the ones I would expect in a webmail program.

I also found that there are no special file extensions that you can use in your messages. However, the message features in Messenger Bot make it look more like a webmail program.

Perhaps the most important thing about Messenger Bot is that it is free. Many people have learned that a trial version is often not worth it. If you want to try out a program, you should never get a free trial. Most programs offer a free version with limited features.

Another problem I had with the program is that the website it comes from does not provide many useful features. For example, when you log in, you see your personal email address as the only option. In addition, you cannot create new folders or mailboxes.

The author of Messenger Bot has promised to add better support for different platforms. For example, they may add support for more languages. I hope the program does not end up as a failure.

The bottom line is that Messenger Bot is a great email program. It is not a perfect email program, but it is more functional than the program that I tried before. It is also open source, which is always a good thing.

Using A Facebook Chatbot

The latest Facebook Chatbot has improved a lot over its previous version. It is more user-friendly and has the ability to be used in various platforms like Windows Mobile, Blackberry, and Android. But before the new version became available, Facebook had already introduced a large number of other Facebook Chatbots, but they are all still a lot of way from being capable of performing the task of different platforms.

On Messenger, the Facebook Chatbot is the most powerful of all because it can interact with Facebook users through your phone, allowing you to send them messages right in the Messenger app. It can respond to messages from users and sends an email to users who are interested in visiting your website. The other reason why the Facebook Chatbot is considered to be better than other Chatbots is because it can be used to help people stay connected with each other as well as with their friends.

Messenger Bot is now available in its advanced version called Messenger Bot. It has the capability to be connected to the Facebook, Messenger, and has a small screen on which to display messages for others.

The new Facebook Chatbot is fully automated. Its integration of Facebook and Messenger is much more sophisticated and allows you to send your messages through Facebook and through Messenger. It also has the ability to connect with all other Facebook apps like Friends, Foursquare, and Facebook Stores. With this integration, you can use your Facebook account to log into the Messenger app and send your messages without the hassle of typing in each and every message yourself.

Since the Messenger Chatbot has been upgraded from version to version, it can now function even if the users are logged out of Facebook. So if you have a Facebook account that requires you to be logged in to it in order to use it, this Facebook Chatbot makes it easier for you to log out of the chat and log back in with the benefits of using your existing Facebook login.

The Facebook Chatbot has a one-time sign-up process where it will ask users to sign up for an email address in order to receive updates on new features. You will also be required to enter your phone number in order to get access to the chatbot. By doing this, you will be able to use the chatbot whenever you want to and without the hassle of having to wait for your Facebook login to be authenticated.

When you are not using Messenger Bot, you will be given the option to search for your favorite things or browse through your photos. It allows you to browse through your photos in an organized manner and provides you with information about the recent photos you have taken.

There are certain features that differentiate Messenger Bot from other Messenger Apps. For instance, you can search for a topic or use keywords for searching which makes it very easy to search and save your data. It offers you features like password protection, profile deletion, support for multiple accounts, and email support, which make it easier for users to manage their Facebook accounts.

A Facebook Chatbot is also able to read and reply to messages sent to it by its users, and it offers features such as marking messages as read, viewing messages received and sent by its users, and other features that can only be accessed from a Facebook account. With its unique ability to perform all these functions, a Facebook Chatbot has a huge advantage over other Messenger Chatbots and more sophisticated applications.

You will be able to read messages from other users, even if you are not logged in to your user account. Since it works in the background, it is able to detect when you are logging in to your Facebook account and displays messages from you while you are logged in to your account. It can also receive messages sent to your Facebook account from your friends who are logged in to their accounts.

Facebook Chatbot is available in more than 30 languages including the following: Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish. The only exception is the Japanese language since the Facebook chatbot cannot speak it because it is the only language it cannot understand.

Facebook Chatbot is also compatible with all of the Facebook Messenger Apps and can respond to messages from them. It is able to send a message to your friends and can also be used to notify them when a Facebook update comes out or a Facebook news is made public.