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Introduction To Momeni Rugs Collection

The Momeni new wave collection beautifully pays homage to the masters and the carpet is designed to take deep inspiration from the art of the 20th century. 

To help you understand the art behind the exquisite technique of carpet, it is good to know the science of weaving or tufting. Momeni rugs are made by three basic techniques and first and foremost is a hand-knotted technique that requires a beam that will be created by making a knot in the warp.

Each node then placed one by one into a predetermined pattern which not only requires skill but also a lot of patience. Hand-knotted carpets or rugs can take more than four months to a year to complete. The basic difference between hand-knotted and hand-tufted rugs is that people do not have the tufted suburbs but the effort and the technique is the same.

Momeni's new wave collection is made from the highest quality wool of China, providing smoother softer shades. Smooth finishing and color coordinates provide a mark of excellence that is what's known the company for. If you are on the lookout for an exclusive Momeni rug for your home or office, buying online is a good option.

There are many sites that sell such high-quality carpet. However, to get the best prices online, do not fall for the first few sites but look thoroughly for reputable websites that provide high discounts and guarantee customers a good return policy. With a large variety available in Momeni New Wave collection, there is something to suit your taste, decor, and budget.