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Information on Nursing Program – How to Become a Nurse

Careers in the medical field are a good choice now. Because of the increasing demand for health professionals, careers in nursing are very popular. You can visit to know more about the nursing programs in long beach.

Nursing education programs vary widely, and it is sometimes difficult to choose which programs are more suited to one's ambition, age, or financial situation. Basically, there are three different nursing programs available: licensed vocational nurses (LVN), associate degrees in nursing, and undergraduate degrees in nursing.

The simplest route to becoming a nurse is to enroll in a vocational nurse program. In Texas and California, basic nursing careers are called licensed vocational nurses (LVN), but in other countries it's called licensed practical nurses (LPN).

Most vocational nursing programs can be completed in one year which is the right choice for people who are interested in the fast track to a nursing career.

Some programs require prerequisite courses such as mathematics, English, and medical terminology; others only require a high school diploma and a passing grade in the LVN pre-entry exam.

After completing the LVN program, graduates receive a certificate or diploma in vocational (practical) nursing. Finally, they are required to take the National Council License Exam.

Licensed vocational nurses can also enhance their careers by applying their LVN certificate to the Registered Nurse bridge program. It is important to remember that most vocational schools do not offer college credit.