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A Brief About Owner Operator Insurance

Owner-operator truck insurance is one type of transportation insurance which helps safeguard your business based on your requirements for insurance.

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Who really needs owner-operated truck insurance?

Our insurance options for owner-operators of trucks are specifically designed for drivers in a wide range of scenarios. If you're a long-haul trucker for an independent owner-operator under your own authority , or are with a lease that is permanent to an operator You need insurance for medical expenses. ensure your driver's assets as well as your livelihood.

What does owner-operator's truck insurance provide?

Your geographical area, driving experience, incidents and violations history could influence the insurance coverage you can avail and the amount. Most often, you can expect owner-operator coverage on your truck for:

  • Liability, or non-trucking liability 
  • Physical physical

  • Workplace accidents and workers' compensation

  • Buyback of cargo or cargo that is tax-deductible

  • Accident with a passenger

  • Medical

  • Disability and life

  • Personal property

What is the reason I should have owner-operator's insurance?

As an owner-operator you have to consider the possibility that a single accident or lawsuit can destroy your company and your income source. This is why it's important to be extremely careful when choosing your insurance policy for owner-operators.

The best security starts by hiring an insurance broker who takes the time to become familiar with your company and you to help you comprehend your options for insurance and help you find the best insurance coverage.