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First Wedding Anniversary Gift

It is your first wedding anniversary coming up and all your wife wants is to be with you on this very special day filled with memories. You realize it is coming up soon and start to think back to when you first met and where you went, what she was wearing, and when you first fell in love.

You also think back to when you actually proposed and how nervous you were. You want to give your wife something special for your first wedding anniversary but you do not know exactly what to get. Here are some ideas for wedding anniversary gifts, but you can go ahead and be original and do something completely different and spontaneous!

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You can take your wife back to the place where you either got married or engaged, and reflect on how it all began. You can dress up in a nice suit and present her with a bouquet of flowers. Women tend to go for roses, but any type of flower would do just fine. You can also get her a box of truffles or chocolates. Women tend to be obsessed with chocolate. Just the flowers and chocolate would be enough, but you are thinking you want to do more.

Another idea is to get your wife some nice wholesale perfume. Wholesale perfumes can be found in many department stores and drug stores. She would love the wholesale perfume and possibly want to go out to get some more wholesale perfumes after she samples this one. There are many good perfumes out there so you can ask a sales person for help.

One more nice idea of what to get your wife on your first wedding anniversary together is a beautiful piece of jewelry. Keep in mind, she probably already has a nice selection from what you have previously bought her for your wedding.