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How 3D Product Configurators Boost Sales?

3D Product configurators are digital tools that allow customers to fully customize a product and visualize it before purchase. These tools walk shoppers through all different aspects of a product, allowing them to add or remove features, change patterns and colors, and generally personalize the product they’re shopping for.

As the user alters features and changes the product’s specifications, the configurator will update its visualization, showing what the item will look like and providing visual confirmation of the change. To know more about 3D product configurators you can visit

Because of the flexibility of the technology, these 3D configurators can be applied to just about any product that can be customized by a shopper. However, those for more complex products will need to be carefully designed to avoid confusing or overwhelming customers during the customization process.

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How Product Configurators Boost Sales

Research has found that giving shoppers a visualization of products can be a big boost in driving conversions. For example, TSUM, one of Europe’s largest luxury department stores, boosted conversion rates by nearly 40 percent by using 3D product visualization.

Also, providing better customization can help boost sales. Customers often shop with a retailer that can provide them with the best experience. Some retailers have found that offering sophisticated customization options can increase conversion rates by up to 50 percent.

3D Product configurators provide other benefits, too, beyond the immediate conversion-rate boost associated with visualization and customization. For example, they also reduce the chance a shopper requests an impossible or difficult-to-use combination of features.

When someone selects an unworkable combination, the 3D configurator can automatically alert her, or provide a visualization as to why her selection may not be ergonomic or entirely functional. These features help reduce returns and increase customer satisfaction with received products.