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Best Party Places in Australia for Couples


Party in Australia never stops. If you and your partner are visiting Australia to celebrate honeymoon, then you must consider visiting some of these fantastic places to party.

  1. Sydney – When it comes to party Sydney has some of the best spots for every party lover. Sydney has many beachside bars that offer a great party experience. Consider visiting Jacksons; a bar located on George and known for being open for 24hours. If you and your partner prefer live music, then you both should consider heading to Oxford Art Factory.
  2. Melbourne – Serious party animals should consider Melbourne. Fitzroy is a great option to experience live music, street performance and tons of bars. While Cheery Bar is known to offer live music and Bar Open is known to serve some of the best local beers of Australia. During clear skies, consider heading to Kilda which is a bar present on the beach offering a great open ambience for couples.
  3. Byron Bay –Byron bay is a small town in Australia that offers some of the best beaches. Couples can visit the Railway Friendly Bar to experience live music. Or head over to Cheeky Monkey to dance to the tunes of awesome music. For a 24hours experience, you can consider heading over to Woody’s Surf Shack.
  4. Gold Coast – The Bars at Gold Coast are less fancy however, the parties are absolutely amazing. Wicked Club Crawl and Hangover Crawl are some of the best bars in Gold Coast.

Couples should also look forward to visiting a few secluded honeymoon destinations in Australia.