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Preparing Your Roof For Fall And Winter In Melbourne

The ideal time to put up roofs is during the spring or summer months, as well as the fall. Asphalt roofing shingles require direct sunlight for their self-sealing properties and to shield them from harsh elements such as rain or wind. You can consult trusted roof specialists in Melbourne for all your roofing-related work.

It's possible to make minor repairs in the fall or during cooler temperatures, but you need sunny, dry conditions to install an entirely new roof. If you have excessive snow that covers your roof the roofing shingles might not be able to bond properly.

The freezing temperatures can cause the materials to become fragile and brittle. Ice or snow also can be dangerous on roofs. To prevent snow from falling early it's best to install your roof from September through November.

Regular inspections are a great starting point. If you do this you will be able to spot minor issues before they become more serious issues or require the replacement of your roof.

During inspections, being safe is the top priority. Roomers are trained and talk about safety practices a lot. It's not easy for everyone to be able to climb the roof. Even if you gaze through the back or front yard looking at the roof, you could not be aware of some issues that you don't see unless you're standing to it.

If you have an inclined roof the possibility of ice damming can occur. The ice beneath your roof shingles rises as it expands when it melts on your roof. It then is reconstituted when temperatures fall.

Inspection for damage is one of the things we can do at no cost. Check to see if your roofer is insured. Workman's Compensation Insurance before they get on your roof.