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The Cupcake Apron Style Guide

Here are all the tips you need to wear cupcake aprons in style. Remember: this apron is not an old, dirty backpack; its only purpose is to protect your clothes from drops and spills.

While the everyday kitchen apron sighs, "I'm just here for practical and boring reasons," the cupcake apron screams, "Look at that stylish housewife!" One thing is certain: your apron will receive a warm welcome.  Discover more details about embroidered stylist apron through

The Cupcake Apron Style Guide

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How to wear cupcake aprons in style.

* Don't do fake advertising. If you're throwing a party and plan on handing out trays of fruit and vegetables or boring fries while wearing cupcake aprons, your guests will likely look your way around the kitchen for signs of baked goods. In any case, we showcase great cupcakes.

* Accessories, accessories, accessories. Consider earrings or a pendant with a necklace that looks like rock candy. For a seamless style, consider wearing a kit that won't clash with the apron, maybe with a little color to match the frosting or cake.

* Do not leave the apron in the kitchen. Explain to your guests that you are only being careful and protecting your clothes until you are done distributing the sweet treats. Indeed, all of you will be amazed by the charming cake mold.

* Consider suitable oven mittens. They know you will use it again and again. Long after your guests have left, you'll be smiling at the matching ensemble as you reheat last night's leftover pizza. Beautiful aprons and oven mittens aren't just perfect for a party scene.