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A Better Kitchen Remedy Than Table Salt

Sea salt is a very common kitchen ingredient. We use it in many ways from the classic flavouring for our sandwiches to adding it to salads or pastas. It has a wide range of commercial uses as well as home uses. However, there is one type of sea salt that should really be seen only in a fine restaurant Himalayan salt. This type of salt has special qualities that are beneficial to human health.

Himalayan sea salt is also known as crystal salt or fine salt. It is harvested right on the foothills of the Himalayan ranges from the rivers and melting snow into a white, powdery substance. It is a very high quality product that should not be used in regular cooking. Cooking causes the salt to lose its "manual" properties and so ordinary table salt cannot be substituted for it. There are several varieties to select from.

For years, it has been recognized that Himalayan sea salt has a beneficial effect on blood pressure. This mineral is rich in sodium and potassium, and it helps to regulate the levels of these minerals in the blood. As blood pressure rises, the minerals in the blood start to be depleted, this is why people with high blood pressure are advised to take it regularly. A good way to take it is to add it to boiled water or to a salad or to the dinner table. You will probably find that you like it even more if it is added to the meat or fish you are cooking. Many people have claimed to feel much healthier after eating a meal containing this salt.

Another benefit of Himalayan salt is its effect on soundness. The ear canal can easily become damaged if the pressure of the surrounding air is too great. The ear becomes more easily blocked and when air enters it causes damage. Regular consumption of sea salt is thought to help to prevent this from happening and to correct it if it does occur.

A final benefit of using this type of salt is in preventing the formation of certain types of microplastics. They are used in everything from shampoos and hairstyling products to food packaging and some plastics. These tiny particles are very dangerous as they are made up of plastic waste and contain toxic chemicals. It is possible to eat trace amounts of microplastics and many scientists believe that a small amount of microplastic in our foods causes chronic health conditions such as cancer.

By taking microplastics out of the equation you can reduce your exposure to these toxic chemicals. You do however need to know how to cleanse your food and avoid refined sugars and white flour to reduce your intake of these impurities. Your best bet is to include sea salt in all your meals. As your body will cleanse the impurities it will also get rid of traces of them in the water you drink and in the air you breathe. This helps prevent a build-up of them in your system.

While eating sea salt will help keep you from getting exposed to microorganisms and other contaminants, it can also help to keep your body healthy. Trace minerals found in sea salt such as magnesium, potassium and sodium to support your bodies immune system. Potassium and sodium both regulate blood pressure while magnesium keeps your muscles healthy and youthful. By keeping your body healthy with trace minerals you are less likely to get sick. As a side benefit to good health you will lose weight as salt helps to burn fat.

One of the things I really like about this type of salt is its convenience. Instead of having to shop for table salt and then hoping that it is going to make the perfect meal for me, I can just take a bag of evaporating seawater and use it to season my fish and poultry. I even make brownies and bread crumbs with it that my kids love. It is one of my most versatile kitchen tools. There really is no better kitchen tool.