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Hiring ASL Interpreting Services

Sign language translators are specially trained professionals whose job is to convey messages to people who do not share a common language, culture, or form of communication. Hiring a sign language interpreter ensures communicative accessibility and thus equal access to shared information.

Sign language translators are trained to provide language and cultural translation between spoken and sign language who took American sign language classes. In this age of information and awareness, organizations are becoming more inclusive. Translators are part of the inclusion process.

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ASL Communication contracts with a wide national network of professional ASL translators to facilitate communication. We work with deaf or hard-of-hearing clients without any problems. These professionals are locally and nationally certified and provide the highest quality oral service.

Translators undergo extensive training before they are certified. ASL Communication vets every translator assigned to provide the service. All of our translators meet state and federal standards.

If you are deaf or hard of hearing or have employees or colleagues who are deaf or hard of hearing, you should ask for an interpreter if communication between employees and supervisors or between co-workers is required during official events and working hours.

If you are planning an event open to all employees and/or the public, you must make sign language interpreting services available. Any general announcement or publicity for the event must include a notice that interpreting services are available.