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Prominent Brands Are Now Having Wireless Charging Features

Prominent brands have been in the news for the best in technology. They have gained the number one spot in the handset market and have moved to newer heights with the response that they had in the last month.

Wireless charging is widely used now and aims to bring the upcoming best features in the entire wireless technology world. Now you can even buy an invisible wireless charger through

Wireless technology has already been talked about as one of the features that would allow users to charge the handset wirelessly.

Though prominent brands have not laid out the technology and are presently staying quiet on the issue, there are genius minds that have been working on the issue. Hackers around the world have made this feature lively and claim that it can be charged wirelessly.

The handset segment talked about this feature as the Android operating system is capable of allowing this feature. Hackers believe that the handset can be charged wirelessly.

Prominent brands have been acknowledging this fact but the replacement backpack to support the feature is still not out. One of the hackers has hacked the Palm touchstone into the prominent brand case.

The kit does not use the magnets to be aligned with the brand. It can even work if the handset has been placed a few centimeters away from the touchstone. His phone picks up the power and charged the handset from the energy available around it.

Though prominent brands had already denied any such option in the handset for a quite long time phase, it can be said that the technology of the gadget can still pick up energy from this source.