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Unique Tea Party Ideas

The very phrase "tea party" invokes visions of feminine ladies dressed in lace and wearing wide brimmed hats adorned with feathers, flowers and flowing veils.

Alas, many of today's women don't own a hat, and the thought of wearing ruffles and lace sends shivers down their denim jeans. Many "thirty somethings" have never been to a formal tea party and haven't the foggiest idea of what a scone is or how to eat it. Nor are they comfortable holding a dainty china cup filled with tea. The only tea some of them are familiar with is served in a paper cup at the local coffee shop.

An invitation to a tea party presents many questions to the uninformed. "What does one do with a wet tea bag?" or "What's that strainer with little holes in it for?" "What's that tiny spoon for?" "Should Devonshire Cream be put into the tea?" So many questions, so much formality.

A new, more casual approach to tea parties is growing in popularity. There are many ways to host a tea party in a non-threatening manner.

Having tea with friends should be a joy. After all, it's the fellowship that is really important. There are ways to make it a lot more comfortable for both hostess and guests.

1.Tea parties with a theme are always fun. A Hawaiian, Western, Roaring 20's theme could be chosen, for example. Guests could be asked to dress accordingly. The menu and table decorations should follow the theme, too. Guests love dressing up in costume and it makes for a really fun party.

2. The location of the tea party can also add to the novelty. Why not meet at a pretty park? Guests could bring their own folding TV tables. The hostess could provide a picnic tea party menu or could make it a pot-luck picnic.